Increased Dexterity Skillsets
Improve hand-eye coordination and footwork through drills


Better Stick Handling and Puck Control

Coaching sessions includes stick handling fundamentals.

Improved Power and Edge Control

Skating is a critical part of hockey. Coaches work on expanding skaters comfort zone and their use of skate edges.


Agility and Balance
We'll help your player apply proper balance to improve skating ability and form to his/her complete game

Improved Decision Making Abilities
Strategy and Hockey Awareness are an important part of hockey. Coaches also work on Offensive and Defensive Zone Positioning.

Training content:


Eastern Lightning Hockey LLC 

Skills Clinic (May and June)

This summer Skills Clinic is designed to teach skills with a concentration on skating and hockey specific skills and awareness. Hard work is rewarded with a scrimmage at the end of each practice. Drills and scrimmages match players of equal talent to ensure a safe and challenging game for all. Unlike a summer, day or overnight camp, that only lasts a week, this experience will allow your child to learn how to be a better player over the course of the clinic.  The six week format allows each player to improve at their own pace and allows you to take a summer vacation, without your child feeling left behind.

Skills Clinic Brochure 

Fall Conditioning Clinic (August and September)

(Mites/Squirts and Peewee/Bantam/Midget) This clinic concentrates on skating for players of all positions. The goal is to shake off the summer rust and improve agility. Through this process, each skater will not only hone skills but begin to gain strength and improved balance. Speed and power will be the result of repeating the innovative drills and instruction. Regardless of age or skill level, the amount of reward will be in direct correlation to the amount of effort each skater applies.

Fall Conditioning Clinic